Artistic Camp for Kids: Underwater Wonders (15-17 May 2023)

Artistic Camp for Kids Etterbeek

A camp for kids in Etterbeek Since we received many demands, we have decided to organise an English camp for the third week of May, when many international schools will be closed for the holidays. This time we will take your kids on a fantastic and fascinating voyage to discover the wonders of the underwater […]

Stage Animation & Stop-Motion “Imaginarium” (2-5 May 2023)

Stage Imaginarium

Nous avons encore quelques places disponibles dans notre STAGE D’ANIMATION STOP MOTION – Imaginarium, pendant la première semaine de mai. DATES : 2 – 5 mai ÂGE : 8 – 12              Si vos enfants fréquentent une école francophone et que vous cherchez un stage différent, alternatif et pas comme les autres, […]

Stage Creation Artistique – Jardin Magique de Printemps (8-12 May 2023)

Stage Jardin Magique

Vu le succès que notre stage de création artistique avec le thème JARDIN MAGIQUE DE PRINTEMPS a eu en avril, avec les enfants anglophones, nous avons décidé de le réorganiser, cette fois-ci en Français. La  bonne nouvelle est que nous avons encore des places disponibles pour la deuxième semaine de mai. DATES : 8 – 12 Mai ÂGE […]

Art Workshops for Children in Brussels, September-December 2022

ART WORKSHOPS brussels kids

Workshops, courses and training programmes are provided by Erin, a qualified external partner at our venue in Etterbeek. Info & Booking Please write an email to to sign up or for more info.   How to find us? We are located near Place Jourdan in Etterbeek, Brussels (Belgium).   What’s on? Discover the following […]

Child Development Glossary

Safe space for Kids in Brussels - Help Child Development

Child development involves the biological, psychological and emotional changes that occur in human beings between birth and the conclusion of adolescence. Childhood is divided into three stages of life which include early childhood, middle childhood, and late childhood (preadolescence) Babbling – Consonant-vowel sounds produced by young children, such as “ba ba ba” and “da da […]

Sensory camp (stage) for children 3-6 in Brussels

Stage Children Enfants Bruxelles

You are invited to discover our SENSORY TRAINING proposal for Toussaint for your children from 3 to 6 years old. Between November 1 and 5, Violeta Cernat – multicultural animator and dance teacher – organizes a FUN, SENSORY AND CULTURAL COURSE on the AUTUMN theme in our secure space totally suitable for small children located […]

New English Courses for Children in Brussels

English Courses for Children Brussels

From Wednesday 8th September at Familia (Rue de la Confiance 2, Etterbeek, near Place Jourdan – map) there will be a new cycle of English Courses for Children. Duration Each lesson lasts one hour. Group lessons Each class is composed by max five children. Two days per week. Individual lessons Flexibility on time and day […]

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