Thank you for showing up!

Children playground in Brussels

Dear friends, according to the new Belgian rules related to Coronavirus pandemic, we are still allowed to organise some activities such as: STAGES, WORKSHOPS, COURSES and EVENTS with a limited number of participants and with maximum respect for the safety measures.

We are deeply thankful for this opportunity!

Face masks and social distancing are mandatory at all times, hands have to be washed and the surfaces disinfected often, registration is a must for all our activities.

We feel very grateful to all parents and children, partners and volunteers who trust us and continue to participate in the activities we propose every week. Our aim is to offer a low-risk, safe space where families are invited to learn, enjoy time together and socialise privately or in very small groups.

Our idea camé true just a month before we entered the first wave of pandemic and lockdown, it was well received by the families around Etterbeek but every day is now a struggle to continue our journey.

Nevertheless, we are feeling extremely happy that some of you have managed to enjoy your birthdays, workshops, playgroups and holidays at Familia. It was a pleasure to host your special moments and we really hope your experience was a good one.

We are determined to keep our smiles on our faces, our minds and space open for our clients, our hope in our hearts. We are doing our best to keep everyone as safe and happy as possible, we are trying our best to adapt to the new situation so we can offer high-quality services to both kids and adults, offline and online.

Thank you for your likes, shares, participation and support! We truly appreciate your contribution ❤️.

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